Monday, April 1, 2013

17th day, Mangily - Lucky for this time!

We get to Mangily way too easily. I was half looking forward, half dreading my first “taxi-brousse” experience. The word is a euphemism: “taxi-brousse” rides have very little to do with a pleasant taxi ride in town. Instead, overland transport in Madagascar happens in tightly packed trucks or buses, goats and chicken among the passengers included, and half of the human travellers having only a standing place. Considering that most roads in the country are in a dreadful condition, and that the taxi-brousses routinely break down on the way, a distance of 20 km can easily take a few hours and end with a serious back pain.

However, my luck got us a convenient ride in a car with a friend of my neighbour. Next time alright.

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