Friday, March 22, 2013

7th day, Toliara - 1,000 trees?! Naa, relax!

A tree planting action, Malagasy style, means: about 50 people and a gigantic sound system, as well as some young trees of course, are transported to the area that is to be reforested. What follows are about 5 hours of dancing, karaoke and children’s games, framing about 1 hour of tree planting. Not that I mind, it is too hot to do too much serious work anyway. I guess I just need to still adapt to the “moramora” way of doing things. I am highly motivated to do useful conservation work, and can’t wait to start. That, together with being conditioned for efficiency over years, makes me tap my fingers on the (imaginary) table. I will adapt to moramora quickly enough, I’m sure. It’s either that, or constant irritation about the Malagasy speed of life. I’d choose the sooner.

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