Friday, March 29, 2013

14th day, Ranohira (Isalo NP) - Rocks, canyons, waterfalls

The long Easter weekend brings my first outing into Madagascar’s spectacular nature, and I am more than excited about our trip to Isalo National Park, which is a 4-hour drive from Toliara. Already on the way, my heart makes little jumps at the sight of baobabs on the wayside, chameleons crossing the street and colourful butterflies dancing around us during our midday picknick. 

After being ripped off by both a police officer on a checkpoint and the lady at the park administration (It’s just what you get as a “vazaha”, not much point in being exercised about it.), we start our exploration of Madagascar’s most visited park by a hike along a canyon. The late afternoon sun reflects on the water of the stream as we find our way from rock to rock. Sweaty and hot, we are rewarded at the end of the walk by a refreshing bath in a “piscine naturelle”, a natural pool under a small waterfall. One of these moments that could hardly be any more perfect. 

As I lie in my bed in the monastery later in the evening, I fall asleep with the thought of the lemurs that we will hopefully see tomorrow.

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